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What We Do

As a national consumer organization driven by a quest for a more inclusive world, we primarily focus on advocacy and education. Not only is this because our organization emerged from a unique leadership development program that allowed participants to develop and practice advocacy skills in the national

capital, but also because we recognize the need to improve the quality of life for deafblind people through social action. As individuals with lived experiences in the deafblind community, we also recognize that education is critical to the advancement of one of the most underserved communities.

DBCA strives to bring into focus issues of significance to our community, as well as the wider disability community, and advocate for inclusive policies and practices. Because the challenges of the community

is not well understood within the policy and business arenas, we devise ways to educate and engage. But

our educational program is not limited to policymakers or the public, as we strive to empower young people with the knowledge and tools that allow them to contribute meaningfully to their local communities and

society at large.

Some of the things DBCA strives to achieve through educated decision-making:

  • Developing informed and committed young leaders who give back to their communities

  • International travel for educational and cultural exchange

  • Meeting with civic and institutional leaders to share our community’s perspectives and/or concerns

  • Producing or presenting informational materials at conferences or other occasions to educate audiences and stimulate dialogue on deafblindness in particular and people with disabilities in general

  • Educating policymakers about our community and advocating for inclusive policies

  • Maintaining ongoing communication and collaboration with business leaders to develop solutions that foster independence and promote safe communities for all citizens to live and work in while increasing businesses’ ability to reach more customers and increase revenue.

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