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About DeafBlind Citizens in Action

As a disability rights organization, DeafBlind Citizens in Action (DBCA) strives for a better world for all.

It was founded by young deafblind adults. A unique weeklong seminar on civic engagement was the inspiration for DBCA’s founding, while these individuals’ lived experiences facing and overcoming daily barriers motivate them to strive towards a world without barriers.

Our Values

We are guided by the following core values; together they serve to enable us to carry out our work on behalf of the community.

  • Perseverance and Determination– We strive to achieve our goals with determination and persist in our efforts to serve the deafblind community;

  • Initiative– DBCA uses its initiatives to come up with different solutions to novel and old problems that exist in the deafblind community;

  • Humility– The community’s interests supersede the individual’s;

  • Excellence– DBCA is striving for excellence in every aspect of life, ranging from doing better in school, performing more effectively at work, and living a productive life, that will empower individuals with vision and hearing loss in the deafblind community;

  • Strength and Accountability– We face challenges with strength, and because the community can’t trust whom it can’t forgive and who never owns their failings, we hold ourselves accountable for what we do; and

  • Diversity– Diversity within the organization's membership is vital to promote equal opportunities for everyone in the deafblind community, and the organization includes people of different viewpoints, experiences, needs, and strengths.

Learn more about us and what we do to make the world a better place for everyone, and meet some of our leaders.  If you are interested in helping us make a difference, please consider giving.

DBYAA Program

DeafBlind Young Adults in Action (DBYAA) is a hands-on participatory leadership development program for young adults who are deafblind. It consists of an online module that helps prepare participants for the main component, the face-to-face weeklong seminar in Washington, D.C. DBYAA is completely funded through grants, private sponsorships, and gifts from other organizations that support the community. Deafblind people ages 18 to 30 are eligible to apply. Please reach out through our contact page located on the menu.

Our Goals

Empower deafblind individuals through education

Increase access to resources and support for deafblind individuals

Advocate for the rights of deafblind individuals

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